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Meet Cam!

Vibe Teaching Agencies Cam enjoying a pretzel in GermanyOur resident funny man and Resourcing Manager Cameron (Cam, Tressie) grew up in Parramatta, Sydney. In his younger years, Cam had dreams to make the Olympics in his chosen sport of walking. When his training proved too difficult he instead turned to train as a teacher at ACPE before moving to London in July 2015. With less walking on his schedule he has discovered new hobbies like cooking Chinese, reading, exploring Jamaican culture and supporting the night life businesses in Dalston on the weekends. Cam also has aspirations to become the future mayor of Brixton…so watch this space!

Tell us about your story with Vibe

When I first came to London I worked as a supply teacher for 6 months and absolutely loved the Vibe community. When asked to join the office, I couldn’t say no and have never looked back!

Vibe Teacher Cam enjoying a drink at a Teacher Event in London

What do you love most about working with Vibe?

I loved being able to head out and teach in Vibe’s lovely schools when I was working on the SEN Orange team.  Now I’ve taken on a new role working with all of our new teachers.  It’s great to be able to help people find work teaching in London, and step them through the process of registration and getting set up and ready to work.  The office staff are awesome too – we laugh way too much in this place!

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What’s the best thing about living in London?

I live near Brixton and really love the mix of different cultures and the people which you can see all across London.

Vibe Teaching Agencies SEN Team dressing up for Book Day in the UK

What’s your favourite area in London? Why?

The South-East (Camberwell/Brixton) area is amazing! There are so many secret places to eat and drink with new places popping up all the time. There is just a real buzz about the area – get there!! (Vote for me when I campaign for Mayor!)

Vibe Teaching Agencies Australian Teacher Cam socialising with teachers in London UK

What’s your favourite pub in London?

The Duke of Edinburgh in Brixton – it has the BIGGEST beer garden you will ever feast your eyes on…did I mention I like Brixton!

Vibe Teaching Agencies Cam enjoying a pretzel in Germany

What’s one of your best travel experiences?

Definitely Ischia which is an island of Naples, Italy. The food and people are amazing and there are no tourists which makes it a haven.

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What are your top tips for teachers in London?

Every school is different, but once you find the one, get there and lock it in full time.Vibe Teacher Cam at the TNT Travel Show in London

What/who are you most inspired by?

All Teachers and Teaching Assistants in SEN schools – they are simply amazing people who do amazing things every day.

Vibe Teacher Cam striking a pose at a Teacher Event in London

What is your Yearbook Quote/quote that you live by?

“Sing like no one is listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody is watching.”

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