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Meet Sophie!

She’s a hybrid Jock/Art History fan! Sophie hails from Wagga Wagga (a place so good they named it twice!)  When she’s not on a netball, touch rugby or champagne-brunch team she’s Team Leader of our Secondary Red team.  An experienced Art & History teacher she loves London culture and thrives on the culture in the Vibe office. Check out why she loves to Teach in London and Play in Europe here!

Sophie from London Teaching Agency Vibe at La Tomatina

Tell us about your story with Vibe

When I was moving to London to teach, Vibe came highly recommended by family and friends. I moved over by myself and the team helped me get set up and working straight away in nice schools.

After a few months of supply across a range of Primary, Secondary and SEN schools I ended up in a long-term block of work teaching art close to home. Even now I’ve made the move into the Vibe office I keep in touch with my former colleagues.  As a bonus, I get to support and help my old school now I’m in the office.  I also get to see some great students I taught when I head out to do teaching days at the school!


What do you love most about working with Vibe?

I love the people! It’s nice to turn up to work each morning to happy, smiling faces.  Always having a fun community of people in the office and teachers that we speak to regularly is another awesome part of my job.

What’s the best thing about living in London?

There is always something to do!  Whether it be a concert, sporting event, museum, gallery, market or just heading out to a pub or café to meet with friends, you are spoilt for choice in this city.

Vibe Teacher Recruitment's Sophie at Platform 9 & 3/4

What’s your favourite area in London? Why?

I love just walking along the Thames; seeing Big Ben, St Pauls and The Eye just reminds me of how lucky I am to be able to travel. It’s moments like those that I am so pleased I took the plunge and moved over!

What’s your favourite pub in London?

I could never go past cheap mojitos at the Elk Bar in Fulham.  Sadly, it closed recently (shed a tear) but my local pub; The Aeronaut in Acton provides convenient entertainment and an awesome beer garden for summer days.

Vibers at the London Teacher Party

What’s one of your best travel experiences?

My best travel experience would have been my trip to Turkey.  It exceeded all my expectations. The food was incredible and it was the first place that I really experienced a culture that was vastly different to my own.  The people were welcoming and it gave me an appreciation for the fact that across the world we are just people doing our own thing in our own way! I can highly recommend Travel Talk too. Check them out here for discounted trips with Vibe!

What are your top tips for teachers in London?

1. Download Citymapper – it’s a life saver. For everyone on the Google Maps bandwagon…you’re missing out!

2. Embrace each day as new adventure and learning opportunity.

3. Travel, travel, travel!

Teach in London, Play in Europe like Sophie from Vibe is in the Netherlands

What/who are you most inspired by?

I’m inspired by my parents and sister, as well as the teachers I’ve met on my journey.  They’ve all consistently encouraged me to take on new adventures and have supported my teaching career since the beginning.

London Teacher Sophie with her grandparents

What is your Yearbook Quote/quote that you live by?

‘I don’t have OCD…I’ve got CDO which is in alphabetical order like it should be!’


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