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Suzanna’s Scottish Fling – with Haggis Adventures

I’m having a fling with the Scottish Highlands.

It’s fast-paced, wild, and a little bit sexy (I mean, how can all this mist, wind and rain NOT be so?).

That is, after all, what Haggis Adventures promised – a flirtatious 5-day romp amidst Scotland’s land and culture that exhilarates in a whirlwind and only leaves you wanting more.


The affair began in Edinburgh, my heart racing as we made our way to the Highlands, past the 1000-year-old heritage of Dunkeld Cathedral, through the twisting, winding roads amidst the rolling Scottish beinns, to the picturesque village of Fort Augustus.

We sailed out onto the mysterious waters of Loch Ness, expectantly waiting for but a hint of what might lay beneath.


The next day, with butterflies in tummy, we stood breathless in the forest of Invermoriston, an enchanting sanctuary that inspired Neverland in J.M. Barrie’s story of ‘Peter Pan’.

We then made our way past the historic Urquhart Castle to the Culloden Battlefield, the scene of the Jacobite army’s most violent and bloody war.


A brief whistle-stop in Inverness saw us learn this town is the second-most happy town in the UK, but apparently, also the town with the UK’s highest proportion of ugly people. So, we saw it only fit to then toast to our beauty (even, perhaps, as previous logic would suggest, our misery) with a wee single-malt dram at the Tomakin Whiskey Distillery.


It’s the beginning of Day 3, and by all measures, I’m already smitten with Scotland, but I don’t want to seem too intense, y’know? (We’re not even going steady yet…).

Yet, with each magical moment, however fleeting, my infatuation only intensifies. This is a country rich with extraordinary history and mythical tales.


I’m embracing all Scotland has to offer, and with my whole heart. And like a melodramatic teenager on Facebook, armed with hyperbole and emojis, I want to share it all.

Suzanna (Resource Team)

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